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In the UK, We are pleased to have the support of Dr Chris Steele MBE, the famous family doctor who appears regularly on the ITV Morning Show.
Dr Chris Steele MBE has seen Dr Jones' Animal Agentz and thinks it has medical and non medical applications for children.
We thank him for his on going support. See more of Dr Chris Steele MBE at his website

Chris Steele MBE support Animal Agentz for medical and non medical issues for children

Dr. Chris Steele MBE

What is Animal Agentz
Dr Jones' Animal Agentz is 8 individual products for the price of one.
The 5 Animal Agentz characters (fish, dog, cat, monkey, lion) teaches relaxation and coping skills
The Animal Agentz fish alone teaches 7 fun individual breathing skills
The Animal Agentz skills are similar to techniques that sports persons use when dealing with upcoming events.
For example, a professional footballer or tennis player will breathe calmly (fish skill). They have already stretched so they are flexible and relaxed (dog skill). They have learned to focus (cat skill) and to have practice in a dream (monkey skill) what their goals will be in reality e.g. where the ball will go. Then they say something positive to themselves (lion skill) and then hit the ball and win. In hospital and school tests all children like these skills and more importantly they can be used for lots of issues (relaxation, learning, sleep etc)

One product takes the 5 Animal Agentz and shows how a child can cope with an unspecified “issue”. Another product under the control of the parent takes the 5 Animal Agentz and shows the child how to deal with a blood test. You do not have to do this if you do not want to. This is an option but this shows what is possible with the Animal Agentz skills.

Background to Animal Agentz
Many parents use Animal Agentz to relax their kids or stop them being naughty. You might be in a shop or at the meal table and your child needs to calm you can use Animal Agentz and your child will calm down. You might want your child to relax so they go to sleep at night.

Some parents use it to get their child ready to learn (very powerful) Some use it for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) issues. If it can help a child with ADHD, what can it do for your child?

What one mum says...
"My 9 yr old has ADHD and presents behavioural difficulties...I am having to pay a private therapist to help my son..many children face daily struggles with little or no help and so they suffer. I am in 100% support of this much needed idea!"
Mrs Garvey, East Yorkshire. See full quotes in Feedback.

Responses from independent research conducted by Mum'sViews Ltd for more reviews click here

We also have the support from many medical doctors see About page


UK Links

Before you buy in the UK please check that you are not already connected to one of the following organisations who may have access to Animal Agentz at a special rate.

The organisations are:

The National Autistic Society

Childrens Fire & Burns Trust

Down's Syndrome Association

Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

we are lised in

Special Educational Needs support


How well does your child cope?

When children encounter a stressful situation,
it’s often difficult for them to cope.

Dr Jones' Animal Agentz is a fun computer-based learning tool in which children interact with a family of bright and colourful animal characters who teach them important coping skills to help them manage stressful situations.
New parenting skill for all issues.

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$30 (£20 + VAT)
Single User - Annual Subscription
This provides for your child Unlimited Online Access
to Animal Agentz for a whole year!

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With the help of Animal Agentz, a visit to the doctor, dentist or hospital becomes a far less daunting and frightening experience.  Animal Agentz can even help with the day-to-day stresses of school, such as exam nerves, bullying, social anxiety and poor concentration.

How it works: Children do not understand ‘how’ to relax on demand, but through playing with the Animal Agentz, they learn such techniques and can repeat them in stressful situations. Your child will remember the actions and behaviours of Bubbles the fish, Yo-Yo the cat and the other AnimalAgentz and use them when they need to remain calm.

As one mum said  “If you say to a child relax it means nothing to them but if you let your child play with the Animal Agentz “fish” (breathing skills) and then say to the child what did the fish do?
Then I found him acting out the fish and becoming relaxed”

Demo video of "Bubbles the Fish".
Note Real product is interactive.

Another example is to help children sleep ...
Cheiko the Monkey teaches ‘guided imagery’ techniques which will encourage your child to dream and 'think of nice things'

Demo video of "Cheiko The Monkey".
Note Real product is interactive.

See The Dog, Cat, Monkey, Lion demos on the Product page.

"Try it and see it work..." Mrs Garvey. See Reviews

Our research has shown that there is nothing quite like Animal Agentz on the market. And it’s available now at a limited-time-offer Click here to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Applications for Animal Agentz are many:
CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
Note: your child does not need to be having therapy. They can uses the Animal Agentz to learn how to relax. Also to help children to be calm when they learn.

Animal Agentz is easy to use and does not require the supervision of a medically-qualified professional. However, it is important to note that, for its many and considerable benefits, Animal Agentz is not a replacement for anything. If your child has any medical issues, you should consult with your doctor.

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Short Demos of AnimalAgentz